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Optimal recovery.
BENEFITS: Provides electrolytes.
- Reduces muscle fatigue
- Enriched with dandelion and nettle
- Provides electrolytes
- Provides vitamins and provitamins
ADVANTAGES: Convenient travel format!
- As soon as the horse perspires: heat, exertion, transport, competition, stress, etc.
- Very palatable product
RAVENE’s recommendation: Always bring a syringe of Nutrilyte Flash with you, especially when it’s hot!
Method of use: Empty the contents of the syringe into the horse’s mouth. Always offer the horse
Composition: Sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sucrose. Additives (per liter): - 2b- Natural products – botanically defined : Dandelion (Taraxum officinale - Ext.) 50 g, Nettle (Urtica dioica Ext.) 50 g, 2b17034Glycine 6000 mg, apple aroma 5 g - 3a- Vitamins, provitamins and substances with similar effect: E300 Vitamin C 10 000 mg. 
Analytical constituents: humidity 69%, 1% crude protein, crude fiber 0% 0% crude fat, crude ash 30%, calcium 0%, 8.7% sodium, 2% potassium, chloride 13.8%, glucose 1%
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